WHY DIRT Baseball...


A natural question is why DIRT Baseball?  The answer is simple.  DIRT Baseball has put together a successful strategy in getting high school athletes seen by more college coaches.  The service that we provide is not only high quality, it is very targeted.  We specialize in baseball players.  We have spent countless hours with college coaches and scouts to provide for them, the most accurate information and details on a player possible.

Most recruiting video services start at $500 and up.  For this you will only get a video.  DIRT Baseball is the best value for the money.  Our services cost $350, and with that you will get a video link, DVD copy, and most importantly we will send that video out to all of the colleges for you.  We spend as much time updating our email databases as we do editing film.  This is why we have the best service in the industry.

Do the math.  We want to be clear; showcase camps, summer leagues, and showcase tournaments are necessary, but recruiting videos are standard this day and time as well.  Most every player that makes it to the next level has sent out videos of some sort.  When you add up the costs of all the different ways to be seen by college coaches, our $350 charge is more than worth it. 

A lot of times parents want to know how many coaches have seen the video.  We track how many coaches have opened the emails, and clicked on the video.  Not only do we have this information, we can share it with you.  This is very important when it comes to knowing that a coach has looked at the video three or four times.  It is now time for the player to make personal contact with the coaching staff and begin to market himself.

It is very commonly misunderstood that there is so much more to the recruiting process than just being an above average high school player.  A player may be the best in his area, but if a college does not need that position, they will not sign the player.  For example, if a college has an outstanding sophomore second baseman, they more than likely will not be looking for second basemen for that next recruiting class.  So as a player it is important to keep your options open and that starts by letting as many coaches know who you are and the caliber player that you are.  This is why you want DIRT Baseball to do your recruiting video.