Recruiting Tool Box and Information
Listed Below is information to help understand the recruiting process
Register with NCAA Eligibility Center or PLAY NAIA

Identify Schools that interest you academically and athletically.

When going through this process, be honest with yourself and your level of talent.  Click on the link to see where your numbers rank out based on the opinions of a collection of scouts and recruiters.  This is not to say these are the golden rule, but they are good indicators of where you need to be.

3. Visit the website of all of the schools that you are interested in and complete a player information form.

 Have a skills video to send to the schools of interest.

5.  Send the school an individual email stating what you are looking for.  SAMPLE EMAIL

 If you have not heard anything from the schools you have personally emailed, send them a follow up email.

 When you receive a phone call or a message from a coach, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED, send them a reply and let them know that you appreciate the interest, but you are going to go a different direction.

There is nothing worse, from a coaches perspective to receive no reply from a player they have attempted to contact.  And please understand, coaches talk with each other.  It is never wise to neglect one school, because you are hoping to get an offer from another one.

 When you get contacted by a school that you are interested in, schedule an official visit and do this as soon as you possibly can.

 When you are made an offer, know that it is exactly what it is.  It is an  offer!  This can be retracted as easily as you can say no.  It would be wise to act on this as soon as you feel comfortable with your decision.  Don’t expect the offer to still be there after taking months to decide.

 Making a decision early will help reduce the stress level of your senior year.  If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to commit early, it may make life and school so much more enjoyable the last year of your high school days.

Just because you have not signed or have no offers, don’t panic.  Most players sign in the fall and not the summers any way.  Use your resources, your high school coach, summer coach, other college coaches.  Be resourceful and make wise decisions.  This decision will impact your next 4-5 years!
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